Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: The Gaudiani Clinic is not considered an in-network provider with any managed care companies or agencies. We do provide superbills and receipts for services rendered and are happy to help advocate for single case agreements and/or geographical exceptions when possible. We are not able to submit claims directly to insurance companies and we are not Medicaid/Medicare providers.

Q: How much does it cost to be seen at the Gaudiani Clinic?

A: The Gaudiani Clinic operates under a hybrid concierge model meaning that we have an annual membership fee to be a member of the clinic and then a fee for follow-up sessions. Prior to committing to membership, we offer an initial consultation that can either be used as a one-time expert evaluation and exam or an initial step to determining if membership at the Gaudiani Clinic is the best option. The fee for this initial consultation is as follows:

Dr. Gaudiani: $2,500/2-hour initial consultation + pre/post-appointment review/follow-up
Dr. Rosen: $1,500/2-hour initial consultation + pre/post-appointment review/follow-up

If a patient chooses to join as a member, the annual membership fee is $5,000. The fee from the initial consultation does apply toward your annual membership fee.

Follow-up session fees are as follows:

Dr. Gaudiani: $250/25 min. session + care coordination
Dr. Rosen: $200/25 min. session + care coordination

In-person follow-up sessions include EKGs, urinalysis, glucose testing, and vitals evaluation when medically indicated. 

Q: That’s a lot of money! Why does it cost this much?

A: We believe that exceptional medical care should not be rushed and that individuals should be known, heard, and valued. The average US primary care physician has over 2,000 patients on their patient panel and spends an average of 7 minutes with each patient. This is not how the Gaudiani Clinic has elected to function. Our physicians have around 70 patients in their panel and the minimum appointment length is 25 minutes. Our team of expert, passionate, and experienced eating disorders professionals is driven to provide a different experience.

Q: What does being a member mean? Does one have to be a member of the Gaudiani Clinic to see your physicians?

A: Since our physicians only see around 70 patients per year, being a member means that you are part of this small patient panel and will have access to your doctor and the Gaudiani Clinic team. Our patients are able to call and e-mail with questions, concerns, requests, and get answers and appointments quickly. Our doctors also become part of our patients’ team and work collaboratively with other team members to ensure that whole-person care is provided. Membership is required for on-going care. To see a list of the included benefits of membership, please click here. 

Q: Can I see your doctors if I live in another state?

A: Yes! We see patients from all over the country and are licensed in many US states. Since our physicians are fully licensed in states, they can function as a local doctor would (with some restrictions on prescribing certain medications). If we’re not licensed in your state and you wish to become a member, we will pursue licensure.

While we do provide telemedicine services throughout the country, we require the initial consultation visit to take place in Denver unless our physicians are able to provide the initial consultation during a satellite day in your state. This initial in-person visit is required in order to establish care and provide good medical treatment. To inquire about available satellite days in your area, please contact the clinic. 

Q: How does telemedicine work?

A: The Gaudiani Clinic utilizes a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system for telemedicine follow-up sessions. We provide a unique and private video conference link for sessions so that our patients are able to see their doctor and vice versa. We work with one's local team to get information such as weight (if this is something that is determined medically necessary to follow). We are able to order labs, imaging studies, and medications at preferred locations and are happy to work collaboratively with a local physician should an individual have one.

Q: I already have a doctor, but they don’t understand eating disorders. Do the Gaudiani Clinic doctors ever consult with other professionals?

A: Yes, we do! Our physicians are happy to provide professional-to-professional consulting should an individual not be able to travel to Denver for an initial consultation. In these situations, a consulting and payment agreement is set up with one's doctor. Patients and families are welcome to be part of these consulting calls. Consulting rates are as follows:

Dr. Gaudiani: $500/hour
Dr. Rosen: $400/hour

Q: I have a medical question for your physicians, but I’m not a patient. Can I e-mail them my question?

A: We are not able to provide medical advice to non-patients. If you’re curious about a certain topic, please e-mail us at info@gaudianiclinic and we will try to incorporate it into our Medical Minute videos and/or blogs.

Q: Do I have to have a primary care doctor when I’m a patient at the Gaudiani Clinic?

A: Gaudiani Clinic physicians can often function as the primary care physician and eating disorder expert physician for our patients. We are able to provide many routine primary care services such as flu shots, well-person exams (including PAP smears), strep tests, etc. Some of our patients choose to have a local physician, but it is not required.

Q: Do you communicate with my outpatient team (e.g., therapist, dietitian, psychiatrist, etc.)?

A: Yes, this is an important value at the Gaudiani Clinic. We communicate regularly with team members and consider communication with them to be highly important.

Q: What’s the process of booking an appointment?

A: If someone is interested in booking an appointment, we encourage them to please contact us so that we can help get the process started. Our intake consists of a brief intake questionnaire that will be reviewed by our medical team and consent paperwork which includes the financial agreement, clinic agreement, and releases of information for other team members.

Q: I live outside of the United States. Can I still be a patient at the Gaudiani Clinic?

A: While we welcome anyone at our Denver office for an initial consultation, we’re not able to provide ongoing international care to patients permanently living in other countries.

Q: Do you offer scholarships or sliding scale fees?

A: As we are a relatively new clinic, we continue to work on our treatment opportunities for individuals. Part of our growth has included a limited number of discounted consultations and memberships. Please contact us to see if we currently have any discounted consultation and membership spots available.

Q: What happens during the initial consultation?

A: During the 2-hour initial consultation, one can expect to meet the physician prior to going back to the exam room with our nurse. This is intentional and reparative as there have historically been many negative power dynamics in the patient-physician relationship, starting with an exam where one might be sitting down with only have a thin paper gown on. Our nurse will take  vitals, perform an EKG test and urinalysis, and then assist the physician with a physical. This portion of the initial consultation takes about 30 minutes. Following this part of the initial consultation, the patient will join their physician in their office to go over concerns, values, and goals, and the physician will work collaboratively with the patient to determine a good plan of action.


More questions? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them!