Expert Telemedicine Care for Eating Disorders

Expert and compassionate medical care for those struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating can be difficult to find. The Gaudiani Clinic is fully licensed to practice medicine and telemedicine in numerous states throughout the country. Whether you're seeking a second opinion or trying to determine the next best steps in your treatment and care, the Gaudiani Clinic is able to provide expert medical oversight and primary care in the following states:

  • California

  • New York

  • Connecticut

  • Minnesota

  • Oregon

  • Washington

  • Arizona

  • Wyoming

  • Virginia

  • Florida

  • Massachusetts

  • Kansas

  • Colorado

  • Maryland

  • Illinois

  • New Jersey

  • Nebraska

  • Ohio

  • Missouri

  • Michigan

  • North Carolina

  • Nevada

  • Indiana

  • South Carolina

    As of August 2018, the Gaudiani Clinic is part of the Interstate Licensure Compact which ensures expedited licensing in the following states:

  • Idaho

  • Montana

  • South Dakota

  • Iowa

  • Wisconsin

  • Mississippi

  • Alabama

  • West Virginia

  • Maine

  • New Hampshire

If you live in a telemedicine compact state and wish to see one of our physicians, we are able to obtain licensure in approximately 1-2 weeks. 

States October 2018.png

The Gaudiani Clinic understands and appreciates the complexities of eating disorders and the limitations of telemedicine. At the Gaudiani Clinic, we meet with all patients in person for an in-depth meeting and assessment at our beautiful office in Denver, CO, and then create a telemedicine treatment plan when appropriate which involves extensive coordination with the local treatment team. Ongoing telemedicine care is provided utilizing HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and in-person visits. 

Prospective patients from outside of our currently licensed states are invited to come to Denver to complete an initial consultation. Additional state licensure will be considered for clients desiring membership. 

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