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"If I have a tough medical question about eating disorders, my go-to person is Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani. And I have never been disappointed. I also have never referred a patient to her who has been dissatisfied, and that is saying a lot. I am excited to recommend Dr. Gaudiani’s new outpatient medical service as a leap forward in care for eating disorder patients, their families and practitioners. In 40 years of experience as an eating disorder expert, both in private practice and as an owner and director of treatment programs,  I have not encountered a more competent physician medically, psychologically, and empathically with this patient population. The Gaudiani Clinic will offer the kind of comprehensive medical care that is sorely lacking in our field and will help patients avoid hospitalizations, assist in follow-up care for those discharging from programs and will help clinicians with the understanding and care of their patients, a unique feature that will enhance overall treatment. This new center will be a marker for others to follow in the future."

- Carolyn Costin, MA, MEd, LMFT, CEDS, FAED - Eating Disorder Therapist, Author, and Speaker

"We all know how hard is it to find a physician who knows about eating disorders and is willing to take the time that our patients need.  It has been one of the greatest challenges of my 30-year career, finding and collaborating with a medical doctor who is educated about eating disorders, up to date on the research, user friendly, and compassionate.  Well, good news, Dr. Gaudiani (Dr. G. as she prefers), is that and more; she and the Gaudiani Clinic are a welcome solution. I have known Jen for many years now and can honestly say she is one of the most caring, passionate, well-informed physicians in the field of eating disorders.  Jen’s knowledge about the human body and physiology and the detrimental effects of eating disorders on the body systems is unparalleled.  Collaborating with Jen is a true pleasure as she has made eating disorder work her sole focus and passion.  To work with a physician who not only understands the physiology but also the psychology and behavioral aspects of the disorder is a huge benefit for the patient and the treatment team.  When Dr. G is the doctor on the team, I always feel confident that the patient will receive the best individualized care.  In my many years of practice and professional collaborations, Jen has proven to be one of the most experienced, dedicated and educated professionals I know." Read More >

 - Sondra Kronberg, MS, RD, DCN, CEDRD, Executive Director - Eating Disorder Treatment Collaborative. FEED IOP, Connect and Concierge Programs. Nutrition Counseling Specialists

"Dr. Gaudiani is an intelligent, compassionate and dedicated physician.  We have shared many patients over the years, and I have always felt like they have received the absolute best medical care the world of eating disorder treatment has to offer.  I would, without reservation, send a family member or loved one to her for medical care should they ever be stricken with these difficult to treat illnesses."

- Scott E. Moseman, MD, CEDS, Medical Director – Laureate Eating Disorders Program

"I have been a nurse for over 30 years and had the great fortune to work with girls and women who have suffered from eating disorders for over a decade. Dr. G, as she is warmly referred to by her patients and staff, has changed the course of treatment for eating disorders as we know and understand it. A genius of mind and spirit, she has demonstrated over and over that to truly heal from the ravages of an eating disorder it requires not only a deep understanding of the science of the body but also the soul of the human. Her patients tell me that she spends hours at the bedside with them patiently explaining the consequences of the disorder, curious about what they want and most of all keeping them safe. She is a team player a believer in the collaborative and a modest healer who advocates hard for a patient whom others have given up on. In all of my 30 years I have never witnessed a doctor like her, drawn to this work like no other and an ongoing crusader for this complicated misunderstood population. Her outpatient clinic is the next exciting chapter, creating a space, a way to reach so many poor souls who just need our wonderful Dr. G to help them on their way in her one of a kind unique style."

- Lyn R. Goldring, RN, BN, VP of Nursing - Monte Nido and Affiliates

"Of the many embracing and disarming qualities one experiences upon meeting Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, two distinguish her magnanimous spirit. The immediacy and vitality of her presence is extraordinary. Whether connecting as a professional or patient, one feels companioned, respected, and safe. Secondly, her humble, passionate, and effective capacity for sharing the depth and range of her clinical acumen ensures her patients enjoy a therapeutic partnership of redemptive potential. I have entrusted Dr. Gaudiani with my most medically compromised patients, I have collaborated with her on an advisory committee, and I've broken bread with her in informal settings. She's the consummate physician, colleague, and friend--those blessed to know and work with her will benefit from and treasure the experience."

- Beth Hartman McGilley, PhD, FAED, CEDS - Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani on many eating disorders cases over the past decade. She is a skilled physician with unparalleled clinical acumen. Dr. Gaudiani’s experience effectively managing the complex medical challenges associated with severe eating disorders sets her apart from her peers. She provides education, support, and her undivided attention to each patient and family as they navigate the course of care. Few physicians possess her knowledge, skill, and bedside manner. Dr. Gaudiani understands that teamwork is the foundation of excellent eating disorders care. She facilitates collaboration by providing training for medical and clinical providers across the country. She is a generous colleague who works seamlessly with each team member to manage timely and efficient communication – even when all members are not in the same geographic area. Improving access to quality care for medically complex patients is one of Dr. Gaudiani’s top priorities. She is a leader in the eating disorders community and has contributed to the field’s body of knowledge through her many research publications. Dr. Gaudiani’s significant contributions to the field of eating disorders have increased awareness and understanding of these illnesses, furthering access to care for all individuals. I am pleased that Dr. Gaudiani is opening a private medical practice. This new venture promises to provide a valuable resource to patients and families battling eating disorders."

- Leah L. Graves RDN, LDN, CEDRD, FAED, Senior Director of Nutrition and Culinary Services, Veritas Collaborative

“Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, in her quest to extend eating disorder specialty medical care to patients and families in the community, is now opening the Gaudiani Clinic. This outpatient medical clinic will offer specialized medical care to individuals 15+ with eating disorders and their families and fill an existing treatment gap in the community. What will make this clinic different from others is the emphasis Dr. Gaudiani will place on the connections she forges with patients as she fosters their health and recovery. She is an expert diagnostician and treatment provider, but equally important, she values the power of relationships to heal, change and promote growth. I have seen Dr. Gaudiani discuss cases, and I have seen her train staff. She is gifted in her ability to empathize with the patient while remaining steadfast in helping the patient do what is required to attain health and recovery. Her sense of humor, wit, compassion, perseverance, and her efforts to empower patients to reclaim their health and their lives are what will stand out most to patients and families. I would highly recommend her clinic to patients and families and believe it will be a shining light in the medical community.”

- Mary Tantillo PhD PMHCNS-BC FAED, Director Western NY Comprehensive Care Center; Founder, The Healing Connection

"Having practiced in the field of eating disorders for many years, I have searched hard to find skilled --truly expert-- internists who grasp, and can treat with compassion, the most severe medical complexities that frequently accompany eating disorders. Dr.  Gaudiani's credentials and experience speak for themselves. It is, simply, good fortune that we now can look to her and her team for highly skilled medical guidance and outpatient treatment. Personally I am grateful that she has opened her clinic. It is a great benefit to my patients... and to me."

- S. Roy Erlichman, PhD, CEDS, CAP, F.iaedp; Past President International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals; iaedp Certified Eating Disorders Specialist; iaedp Approved Supervisor; Recipient 2015 iaedp Lifetime Achievement Award