"We all know how hard is it to find a physician who knows about eating disorders and is willing to take the time that our patients need.  It has been one of the greatest challenges of my 30-year career, finding and collaborating with a medical doctor who is educated about eating disorders, up to date on the research, user friendly, and compassionate.  Well, good news, Dr. Gaudiani (Dr. G. as she prefers), is that and more; she and the Gaudiani Clinic are a welcome solution. I have known Jen for many years now and can honestly say she is one of the most caring, passionate, well-informed physicians in the field of eating disorders.  Jen’s knowledge about the human body and physiology and the detrimental effects of eating disorders on the body systems is unparalleled.

Collaborating with Jen is a true pleasure as she has made eating disorder work her sole focus and passion.  To work with a physician who not only understands the physiology but also the psychology and behavioral aspects of the disorder is a huge benefit for the patient and the treatment team.  When Dr. G is the doctor on the team, I always feel confident that the patient will receive the best individualized care.  In my many years of practice and professional collaborations, Jen has proven to be one of the most experienced, dedicated and educated professionals I know.

The Gaudiani clinic and the clinical support programs will be a huge gift to sufferers and eating disorders clinicians who have for years been out on a limb searching for compassionate, informed, and effective medical support on the outpatient level of care.  The clinic will be an incredible resource for patients and professionals.  A compassionate and cohesive treatment team is key for recovery. 
On a recent visit to our clinic, Dr. G awed both the professionals and the patients with her medical wisdom and her soulful manner. We contacted her to give an in-service to our staff and sit in with our clients. The feedback was phenomenal. Therapists and nutritionists alike said they could listen to her speak for hours. Everyone, including seasoned eating disorder specialists, felt they learned a tremendous amount, and they were eager to put it all into practice.  Sitting in on our F.E.E.D. (Facilitated Eating Events and Direction) IOP program, she got to spend time with the patients and, without exception, they were all touched by her presence and were wishing she could be their doctor, which may happen for some, reinforcing for me how instantaneously she was able to make the patients feel important, cared for, and safe.

So many patients and families throughout the country will benefit from having Dr. G on their team.  I am already talking with parents and patients whom we will be sending to the Gaudiani Clinic as soon as the doors open.  Dr. G will continue to consult with my staff via video conference on cases as well.

The eating disorder field is about to take a giant step forward.  Thank you Jen for the heart and soul, courage and wisdom you bring to our field.  The professionals and the people suffering are looking forward to the highest quality of individualized care you and the Gaudiani Clinic will provide.

Sondra Kronberg, MS, RD, DCN, CEDRD, Executive Director - Eating Disorder Treatment Collaborative. FEED IOP, Connect and Concierge Programs. Nutrition Counseling Specialists