Dr. Gaudiani is one of the most incredible humans I have ever encountered—and I don’t say that lightly. She is deeply authentic and extraordinarily compassionate, and during our time together, we had the most real conversations I can ever imagine having. A trusted leader in the field, she understands the neuroscience of eating disorders in addition to the physical complications, as well as the way the body functions and changes throughout recovery and life, which she will graciously explain to you. She has the most genuine way of relating to patients that goes far beyond her deep medical knowledge. Dr. G truly believes in treating the whole person, not just your body, nor just your soul—she cares for both. Under her care, I never felt inferior and was never spoken to harshly because of my distorted thoughts—on the contrary, I felt loved, respected, and cherished. Her wisdom and insight into the recovery process have been indispensable to my inner work and I have learned so much from laughing, crying, and healing with her at my side. I trust her expertise immensely. Dr. Gaudiani’s support is a principal reason that I am even on this recovery journey—she taught and continues to teach me about the power of connection and what it means to truly live. -C