My wife has been battling an eating disorder for over ten years. She spent time at two different treatment facilities that only provided short term results. They never got to the core of the problem.

When her condition reached a critical point and I feared for her life, we found out about the incredible work being done in Denver by Dr. Gaudiani. In a matter of days, we got on a plane and flew across the country to Denver. Upon arriving, we were met by Dr. G’s incredible team who helped my wife settle in and a short time later we met Dr. Gaudiani. She was the most compassionate, honest and trust worthy medical professional you will ever meet. My wife and I were blown away by the amount of time Dr. G spent with us not only on day one, but every day that she was under Dr. G’s amazing care.

Dr. G was honest with my wife, and that honesty made her see the light and get to the core of the problem that no other medical professionals were able to do. As a patient, parent or spouse you should know that Dr. Gaudiani doesn’t say good bye when you leave, she has been available whenever I had questions or concerns about my wife’s on-going recovery.

Doctor Gaudiani in the BEST there is and you can trust your loved ones are receiving the finest treatment when they are under Dr. Gaudiani’s care.

--S, Florida