[Dr. Rosen] This was truly an unprecedented experience, start to finish. I contacted GC feeling exhausted and defeated by my experiences with doctors. I was terrified to try receiving help again; a fear that developed as a result of being told over and over for 4 years that the medical issues I’ve been having couldn’t possibly be real, I must be using ED (eating disorder) behaviors (my hard work to reach recovered life totally dismissed). The communication leading up to my initial consultation alone brought me some hope and comfort. Everyone I spoke to was incredible, and being in the clinic was like a warm hug. I have never had a doctor listen to me so carefully and thoughtfully. Dr Rosen made me feel like there is hope for my medical symptoms, and made me feel reassured that this isn’t my fault, it’s not my karma. Never have I heard of a doctor sitting with a patient for 2 hours, and what’s more, she asked about my goals and values in life, as a human and not just a patient. I very very much appreciated that, being seen as a person and not an eating disorder was like a breath of fresh air. Abby was amazing, I felt like I’ve known her for years even though I just met her. I’m so grateful to GC for everything they’ve done so far and couldn’t be happier with the experience.