Dr. Rosen and the entire support staff from intake to nursing performed the most professional, educated, caring review of my medical history and present condition I have ever experienced both before and after being diagnosed with an eating disorder. 

I am 46 years old and have lived with an eating disorder for well over 30 years and was only recently diagnosed. 

So many of my symptoms were missed by the general population of physicians until I finally found myself so physically ill that I ended up in residential treatment. I can attest with absolute positivity that each professional in the Gaudiani Clinic is well versed and educated in the eating disorder world and has nothing but your best interest in mind. 

Dr. Rosen knew me before I even sat down to visit with her. The team had obtained all of my medical records prior to my arrival to Denver from XXX and had been in contact with my recovery team to review exactly where I was in my recovery so that all of my concerns could be addressed while at my visit. 

I left my visit informed, educated, and knowing what I must do to continue on my path to recovery in order to move forward and not continue the cycle of my eating disorder. I feel confident knowing that even though there is still progress to be made I have overcome so very much and my body has healed and will continue to heal. Dr. Rosen left me feeling heard, validated, and most importantly empowered and hopeful to continue my path of recovery with suggestions of improvements. 


Also, buy and read the book "Sick Enough"...and give to your medical providers....