In the winter of 2016, my 18-year-old daughter was supposed to be admitted to a renowned treatment center for eating disorders. Unfortunately, my daughter was critically ill from anorexia and could not even stand due to muscle wasting so she was admitted to a local hospital for 12 days and given a feeding tube.  The hospital really was not equipped or well-versed on this disorder but they did their best and needed to discharge my daughter.  She still was very underweight. The treatment center still could not admit her because she didn't meet their criteria.  They advised us to send our daughter to Denver ACUTE medical center and fortunately we were able to get her there by air ambulance.  She was under the care of Dr. G and immediately the two clicked. Dr. G spent an inordinate amount of time discussing my daughter's condition, getting her background and answering her questions as well as ours. Dr. G came to visit and check on her six days a week and was frequently in the room for well over an hour.  She made it perfectly clear that my daughter had a potentially fatal disease and how the refeeding process had to be methodical and not all at once. Dr. G couldn't have been kinder, more direct and honest, and simply a very straight shooter who knows her field expertly. She was also a mentor and friend to our daughter and to us and was much more than an MD making rounds on another patient.  We all had tremendous hope under her care and are deeply indebted to Dr. G.  Under her care our daughter improved mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Our daughter continues to recover and credits Dr. G for much of her success from this devastating disease.  Finally, as a physician and surgeon myself, I cannot express enough accolades and appreciation for all she did.