I met Dr. Gaudiani in August 2011 when I was admitted to Denver ACUTE to get stabilized from an eating disorder before going to a residential program. Looking back now, 5 years later, the majority of that time period is a blur.  There are several parts that aren't a blur and those include my interactions with Dr. Gaudiani. Dr. Gaudiani oversaw my treatment during my 2 week stay at ACUTE and she continued to follow up with me over the years during my recovery.  She made herself available to have a conversation about careers when I was deciding what I wanted to pursue professionally after my eating disorder.  I stopped back to visit her on a trip to Denver.  Regardless of the amount of time past, she was an impetus of hope for me in my early days of recovery. In the field of medicine, the focus is on numbers, research, science, and the physical body.  With eating disorders this is a crucial part to treat for stabilization and it is also not the only part, as those who are familiar with the disease are aware of.  The physical symptoms occur in conjunction with mental and emotional symptoms.  To have a doctor who is, one, aware of this, and two,has an understanding of it through which to meet patients where they are it is very unique and courageous.  Dr. Gaudiani is aware and has this understanding.  And it exudes in the work she does with patients and their families. There are various factors that can lead to one developing an eating disorder and there are various factors that can lead towards recovery.  Dr. Gaudiani was a factor in my recovery.  It is difficult to put in words the impact she had in those two weeks I met her and was under her care.  And yet it was one of the few aspects that is not a blur, but rather very clear. 

To note, I have been in recovery for 5 years and I currently live a life I never imagined for myself.  And it was five years ago that I was rapidly knocking on death's door.  Luckily I had the opportunity to walk through Denver ACUTE for a beginning versus an ending.