Dr. G is one of the most caring and compassionate individuals that I have ever met (second only to my own mother).  I can still remember my admission day to the ACUTE unit where Dr. G was the primary physician.  As I lay in bed awaiting the arrival of some rigid, unyielding, power-driven doctor to enter my room and force me to do things against my will, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the warm and welcoming arms of Dr. G.  She was able to provide the strict guidelines needed to quiet my eating disorder voice, while simultaneously giving me the sensitive and gentle encouragement that my soul craved.  Though she told me things difficult and frightening to hear, she said them with such empathy and compassion, allowing me to accept them with gratitude rather than rage against them in rebellion.  Dr. G did not save my life, however she did me a golden opportunity to save my own life, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Without her intervention at just the right moment, I am certain that I would not be here today able to write these words and express my gratitude for all she has done.  My family is equally appreciative of her outstanding dedication to my well-being.  We could not say enough about Dr. G and the compassionately competent care she provides to all of her patients.