"Diagnosed with anorexia at an early age, I had been shuffled between numerous doctors who had neither the knowledge nor the heart to deal with my serious condition. When I met Dr. G, my illness had progressed to the point of Hospice care discussions. She was my last hope. Within minutes of first talking to her, I could see that her depth of knowledge of my disorder was surpassed only by her compassion and care. Whereas most medical professionals treated me with indifference, Dr. G took the time to understand how I felt both emotionally and physically. She guided me through my recovery process, explaining with each step what to expect to happen with my body and mind. More impressive than her medical expertise, though, was her ability to understand what I was experiencing emotionally. Throughout all the hard times, Dr. G was there by my side as my inspiration leader-she saw beyond what this terrible disorder had done to me into the future of what I could become. Under her care, I never once felt that I was treated as just a patient with an eating disorder, but rather as a human being-one with hopes, goals, and dreams just like anyone else. Because of the expert medical care she provided and the confidence she instilled in me, even after multiple other doctors had given up, I now am living a life free from my disorder. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Gaudiani and the work she has done."

— “L”