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Mission Statement

The Gaudiani Clinic provides superb outpatient medical care to patients with eating disorders and disordered eating, of all shapes and sizes. Through a collaborative, communicative, multi-disciplinary approach, the Clinic cares for the whole person, in the context of their values.

Core Values

The concept that everyone feels known

A commitment to listening to and retelling the whole story

Remaining open minded & non-assumptive

Warmth and personal connection

Unrushed, thoughtful, individualized care

A holistic approach that honors body and soul

Recognition and appreciation through transparency

Respect for the confidential nature of our work

Open Positions

The Gaudiani Clinic does not have any open positions at this time. 

We believe in full recovery from an eating disorder. 

To be recovered is to inhabit one’s body and to experience food and exercise in ways that are not ruled by concerns over size, shape, and numbers. Emotions and life experiences are navigated using strategies that do not compromise one’s health or well-being. Being recovered allows one to model for others how to eat a variety of foods, in a variety of settings, and to move for joy rather than in a compulsive or excessive way. Once recovered, the relationship with one’s body is managed with authentic self-acceptance.