We are grateful to Carolyn Costin for our first guest post and hope you enjoy her beautiful words! 

Tonight is All Hallows Eve or Halloween. In some religions it is the Eve of All Saints Day, November 1, where we honor and pray for those who have died and are in Heaven. The next day, November 2, is All Souls Day, where all who have died are prayed for.

Many believed that during this time the veil between two worlds was lifted and spirits or ghosts would be about. To scare away evil spirits and prevent them from identifying people, scary masks were worn hoping this would trick the spirits and keep them away.

Tonight is a good time to pay attention to a mask you wear all the time, to protect yourself, but perhaps have forgotten you have on.

When you wear a mask, you are resistant to your true self and whatever you attract can easily be in conflict with who you really are. We all do it at times, but if we wear a mask for too long, it can take over our identity causing us to lose track of who we really are. Our mind, body, and soul become lost and disconnected.

Shedding our mask and BEING authentic can be difficult. We might feel vulnerable and insecure. But letting go of our mask helps us reconnect with who we really are: our traits, values, beliefs, desires, and goals…all while acknowledging our limitations.

Tonight, take the opportunity to first appreciate, and then say goodbye to a mask you have been wearing that you are ready to let go of.

Carolyn Costin
Founder of Monte Nido and Affiliates
Therapist, Author, Speaker